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What our customers say

Au-delà de son énergie sans faille, Sandrine vous aide à aller au bout de vos idées pour préparer des sessions de travail d’équipe très efficaces. En étant clairs sur les sujets ouverts au do-design et vous stimulant à énoncer les principes de fonctionnement qui sont non négociables.
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Our identity and our intention

The fascinating world of bees inspired us, because it illustrates our convictions and our choices :

Reading "Dans le secret des abeilles" by Sylla de Saint Pierre helped us to illustrate the fairly obvious links between nature and human organisations :

  • The strength of a collective that draws on its diversity to grasp the complexity of the world, and also the power of sisterhood and mutual support: we are committed to rebuilding links, establishing powerful connections, and fostering a sense of community in the service of the common good
  • The idea of growing and developing: a bee takes on different roles over the course of its life ("one life, seven jobs"). We strive to offer experiences that awaken potential and build learning organisations
  • Our friends the bees have become a powerful symbol of ecological balance (90% of wild flowering plants would not survive their extinction): our interventions are ecological, i.e. they respect the stage of maturity of the people and systems (teams, companies) we support
  • Small in size, big in impact: we are a small organisation of variable size and geometry. We mobilise our network of the most appropriate consultants to best meet your needs

The sense of Beelonging,because :

  • In our post COVID organisations, where several generations live side by side and the hybridisation of work has pushed people further apart, belonging to a living community and rallying around a shared purpose need to be reinvented
  • It's in a calm, welcoming environment that the most inventive and daring contributions can be gleaned, enabling us to step aside and innovate together
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Our convictions

Did you know that when a bee falls into reasonably cool, calm water, it beats the water, creating its own wave and surfing it back to shore ?

We're convinced that all organisations are full of untapped potential, which we set out to bring to light. The aim of our work is to enable each and every one of you to...

  • ... make a full, individual contribution to a meaningful collective project
  • ... give the best of themselves, for greater innovation and performance
  • ... use your boldness to act with confidence and have a positive impact on your ecosystem: "the more tired, stressed or depressed we feel, the less inclined we are to take risks, and the more we consider an ambiguous situation - for example, unclear instructions from a superior - to be an unfavourable or dangerous situation. Conversely, finding ourselves in a benevolent environment, or experiencing a happy event, makes us optimistic. We then interpret the same ambiguous situation as favourable, and we are in a position to approach it with confidence, even daring"
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  • We approach you as craftsmen : a made-to-measure approach, a contextualised and unique response to your needs
  • We balance the demanding nature of our work with flexibility to adapt to adapt to your situation
  • We like to work rigorously without taking ourselves too seriously
  • Our impact : we act as catalysts, offering you a space for renewal, a new field of possibilities to enable you to reinvent yourself and create value
  • We cultivate the resilience of your people and your organisation
  • For each of your projects, we put together a unique team with deliberately complementary profiles in order to limit blind spots and manage the contradictory tensions inherent in situations of change. In this way, we combine structure and agility, hardskills and softskills, preparation and adjustment, rational and emotional, analytical and synthetic, energetic and focused... to serve your ambition.
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